PTU-MyTagArt Tube Ann Howard


For this tutorial, you'll need a working knowledge of PSE.
I'm using  8 but any version should work.
This tutorial is my own and any resemblance to any other is purely coincidental.
Supplies needed for this tutorial are:
Scrap Kit Of choice
  the one that's being used in this tut is In My Mystery Land and can be bought HERE
The Tube used in this Tag is the artwork of Ann Howard and can be found
Ann Howards website can be found HERE

Note: This is a copyrighted tube and you must purchase the tubes\ and licence before using.
Off We go.
NOTE: You may want to see my tag for element arrangements
periodically thru out following the tut.

Open blank canvas size 700 x 700
We will crop and resize later.
You will first get element 43(patch of grass) resize to 500 and place on your canvas and duplicate 3 x so you now have a total of 4 patches of grass. Arrange 2 side by side for top layer and 2 side by side behind your top 2 patches of grass. Adding drop shadows to the all.
Now get element 26 and resize to 400 place on top of your grass patches centered.
Add Drop Shadow.
I am now getting my tube
Ann Howard and can be found
resizing to 400 and placing as a top layer. Add Drop Shadow.
Getting element 65(tree) and resizing to 300 and placing as the bottom layer behind all other elements. I am placing  it to the left side.But you can move the elements around to suit your personal preferences. Add Drop shadow.
Now going back to element 43(grass) and resize to 300 and add as TOP layer on top of the tube to cover up the cut off parts of her. Duplicate and place to the left side of the tube.
You now have covered up the cut off part and given it the look of dementions and not so flat.
Taking element 27 resizing to 50. place as top layer and  duplicate 5 times and place the stalks of grass all around your tube. To give the effect she is sitting in the grass. Take element 31 resize to 100 and place to the right side of the tube on top of the grass stalks (element 27)
Take element 37  resize to 100 and place on canvas as top layer and place to the left side.
Now getting element 41 resize to 50 and place slightly to the right side of the tree. You will need to take your eraser and erase the stalk of the flower from the bottom.
duplicate element 41 bring this layer to the top and place in front of the tree trunk.
Erasing parts that are to long.(the stalks of this flower is extremely long)
Duplicate and place it to the right side now behind your mushroom.
Now take element 61 resize to 50 duplicate 3x so you have a total of 4 and place 2 on either side of your tag. (refer to my tag for placement)
Take element 18 resize to 200 and place as TOP layer to the left of your tag.Take element 42 resize to 200 add to right side of tag.
Get paper 3 resize to 700 x 700
and with your cookie cutter tool using the oval shape and your feather set to 20
Cut a large oval of the paper to use as your background.
Place it behind all your layers and position to taste.
Crop as close as you can to your tag-resize to your liking
Add Name and any other text you choose and your
copyright © information
 and save.