PTU-Woman In Love Tut

A Woman In Love Tut
For this tutorial, you’ll need a working knowledge of PSE.
I’m using  8 but any version should work.
This tutorial is my own and any resemblance to any other is purely coincidental.
Supplies needed for this tutorial are:
Scrap Kit Of choice
  the one that's being used in this tut is A Woman In Love and can be found HERE
The Tube used in this Tag is the artwork of Rachael Tallamy and can be found HERENote: This is a copyrighted tube and you must purchase the tubes and licence before using.
Off We go.
Open blank canvas size 700x700
We will crop later.Give yourself enough room to play.
Resize frame (el75) to 450x420 and center in your workspace. Add slight drop shadow.
I am now adding my tube of choice.
I am adding her ON TOP of the frame and then duplicating her and putting the duplicate  BEHIND the frame and taking the eraser on the TOP tube erasing the bottom right part of her and her dress that's on top the frame.  This effect makes it appear as if she is perhaps sitting on the frame.
Now taking paper 9 resizing  to 500 place behind the frame and erase the excess that is still showing. You can do this by using your eraser tool or your magic wand tool. Which ever works best for you. The effect is the same.
Now opening el113 vine flowers and resizing to 400 and place it behind the tube but in front of the frame. Taking el14 bow resizing to 250 and placing it on TOP of all your layers and I am placing mine to the right side of the frame. Slightly on top of the vine element we just placed. (el113)
Now adding el2 envelope to the left side of the frame behind the tube on top of the frame.
Add drop shadow.
Play with your placement to fit your personal preference.
I then added el73 flower resize to 200x158 and add it on top of the envelopes we just placed. Open Paper 11 and with your cookie cutter tool using the oval shape and your feather set to 20
Cut a large oval of the paper to use as your background.
Place it behind all your layers and position to taste.
Add Name and any other text you choose and your copyright © information
Crop as close as you can to your tag-resize to your liking and save.

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