Honey Bee Tut

For this tutorial, you'll need a working knowledge of PSE.
I'm using  8 but any version should work.
This tutorial is my own and any resemblance to any other is purely coincidental.
Supplies needed for this tutorial are:

The Kit I am using is
by Lorie Davison "BaBee Nursery Garden
You can grab this kit at Scrapbookgraphics.com
Tube I am using the amazing work of 
which can be purchased at

Using Garden Fence 3 place centered on your canvas.
Add drop shadow
Place your tube in front of the gate of fence.
Add drop shadow
next element is named fuzzy soft thing to sit on we will be using this are our grass area.
place as back layer and duplicate 2x  totaling 3 elements
place along the fence line.
Using element large grass clump 3 place on canvas and position along side the front of the fence on both sides.
You will duplicate this element several times.
Position to taste.
Using large clump grass 1 element do not resize and place as bottom layer behind fence. Duplicate and position all along the back of the canvas.
This will give the feeling of being deep within the stalks of grass.
I used a total of 3 of these.
Now using element hive flower cubby place within the stalks of grass we just placed behind the fence. We will create a village feel to the tag with the lil houses.
Now using element hive flower with no windows
place within the stalks as well.
Position to taste.
Using Hive flower with windows 3 place within the stalks as well.
Position to taste.
Using hive flower without windows 1
place within the stalks as well.
Position to taste.
Using flower garden foreground element place along the "grass" areas as top layer
Using big flower clump I place behind fence randomly to suit taste.
Using purple daisy 1 place in the stalks of grass at random.
To suit to taste.
Again this is to give the feeling that this is a little village deep in the grasses.
A little make believe fantasy land.
Using big flower clump 2 place behind fence randomly to suit taste.
I used only one of these.
Using element honey jar 3 place as top layer and coordinate with honey puddle 1. Position to taste.
Crop as close as you can to your tag-resize to your liking
Add Name and any other text you choose and your
copyright © information
 and save.

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  1. This is absolutely adorable!! Thank you or choosing my Baby Bee tube for your tut...GREAT job! xoxo