A Lazy Spring Afternoon-PTU

A Lazy Spring Afternoon
For this tutorial, you'll need a working knowledge of PSE.
I'm using  8 but any version should work.
This tutorial is my own and any resemblance to any other is purely coincidental.
Supplies needed for this tutorial are:
Scrap Kit Of choice
I am using a wonderful kit called My Magic Paradise and can be purchased HERETube of Choice I am using the wonderful artwork of Candice Dillhoff visit her site HERE
purchase her tubes at My Tag Art by clicking HERE

Font(s) of choice: I am using

Off we go.
First open blank canvas of 700x700 this will be our work space.
We will crop and re-size later. I like to have plenty of work space.

Note-You may need to refer back to the completed tag for quick element placement.

Starting with element 18 resize to 600 &  place in center of your work space.

Now taking my tube I will resize to 250 and place her to the left side of my work space.
Add drop shadow with the following setting

Using element 103 resize to 400 and place as back layer and place to the left of your design and duplicate moving to the left to make the fence continue on.
Add drop shadow using these settings

Using element 119 resize re-size to 200 and move to BACK layer
move to the left

Using element 119 again....resize to 50 and place as top layer to the left in front
of the stalks of grass.

Using element 116 resize to 400 place as left back layer.
Add drop shadow using the following setting
With your eraser erase the trunk of the tree we are only using the top.
Like our new bush?

 Duplicate and move to right.
Using element 87 re-size to 200
place in front of element 119 behind the tube.
This is just to add a little depth to the tag. The mushrooms looked a little flat to me.

Using element 72 resize to 200 placing behind your tube on the left side.

Using element 81 resize to 50 place behind tube & beside element 72

Using paper 11 with your cookie cutter tool using the oval shape and your feather set to 40
cut large oval of the paper to use as your background.

 Using element 97 resize to 100 and place as top layer center of design
Duplicate and place to the left of design

Using element 77 resize to 100 and place in front of element 119 to the left.

Using element 82 resize to 100 and place as top layer in front of tube at the bottom.
Crop excess white around your work.
Add text and all copyright info.
Add any animation you choose.
I used the plug in Alien Skin Xenofex 2-Constellation effect on the water part of element 18

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