Remembering the babies

For this tutorial, you'll need a working knowledge of PSE.
I'm using  8 but any version should work.
This tutorial is my own and any resemblance to any other is purely coincidental.
Supplies needed for this tutorial are:
Scrap Kit Of choice
I am using a wonderful kit called Riley Renee and can be found here
Thank you so much Kelly for sharing your amazing work.
Tube of Choice I am using the wonderful artwork of Zindy Nielsen
which can be purchased  HERE
Font(s) of choice: I am using
Courier New
Off we go.
First open blank canvas of 700x700 this will be our work space.
We will crop and re-size later. I like to have plenty of work space.
Add AD frame 1 to your work space. Add drop shadow with the following settings
Size-5 Distance-5 Opacity 38
Add your tube
I am adding her ON TOP of the frame and then duplicating her and putting the duplicate  BEHIND the frame and taking the eraser on the TOP tube erasing the bottom part of her body that is outside of the frame.We do this so that it appears she is in the frame yet the top half of her is projecting from the frame.
Add drop shadow to the top tube with the following settings
Size 10 - Distance 9 - Opacity 47
Add the AD Label element to your work area placing it to the RIGHT of your tube on the frame.
Using paper 3 with your cookie cutter tool using the oval shape and your feather set to 40
cut large oval of the paper to use as your background.
Place it behind all your layers and position to taste.
Using element branch 2 place on work space and place to the LEFT BEHIND your tube but in FRONT of frame. Duplicate and rotate to slightly to the left as well.
Using element flower with bow. Resize to 275 Place as top layer.
On top of your element branch 2's
add drop shadow with the following settings
Size 5-Distance 5- Opacity 75
With element rattle place as top layer to the left of your tube on top of the flower with the box.
Add drop shadow with the following settings
Size 5- Distance 5- Opacity 75
Using element string with bows resize to 200
place on top of your rattle.
Crop excess white around your work.
Resize add text and all copyright info.

Kelly here is you an animated one hun!Thanks again for your amazing talent.


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