PTU-JoanneSchempp (Snaggable)

For this tutorial, you'll need a working knowledge of PSE.
I'm using  8 but any version should work.
This tutorial is my own and any resemblance to any other is purely coincidental.
Supplies needed for this tutorial are:
Scrap Kit Of choice
  the one that's being used in this tut is
"So Eggciting"
Tube Of choice
I am using the work of
Can be found at
Note: This is a copyrighted tube and you must purchase
 the tubes and licence before using.
Font(s) of choice:
I'm using
0 Whoa DNA & AffaLite
Off We go.
Open blank canvas size 700 x 700
We will crop and resize later.
I am placing my tube in center of my work area.
Using element wordart easter resizing to 150 rotating to the left
placing it along side my tube on the right side.
add drop shadow
Using element egg boarder resize to 400
place as as layer on work area behind wordart easter but on top of your tube.
Using element boarder curly resizing to 450 and rotate flip vertical
we are using this boarder as our grass.
place as top layer in your work area.
duplicate 1x add drop shadow and place to suit at the bottom of your tube to
appear that she is sitting in the grass.
Duplicate  rotate flip vertical place as back layer
this gives the grass a tad more depth to it.
Using element egg 5 resize to 300 and place in work area behind the grass but on top of the tube.
Using element egg 4 resize to 100 and place on top of the egg 5
turn slightly to the right placing it to the left of egg 5
add drop shadow
Get paper 11 resize to 700 x 700
and with your cookie cutter tool using the oval shape and your feather set to 20
Cut a large circle of the paper to use as your background.
Place it behind all your layers and position to taste.
Crop as close as you can to your tag-resize to your liking
Add Name and any other text you choose and your
copyright © information
 (If you choose to add animation now would be the time to do that as well.)
I will be adding the glitter effect to the text by adding NOISE in 3 different amount levels.
10-11-12  saving each as separate JPG images. And then animating in Animation Shop

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